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December 19, 2008

Santa (finally!)

The girls had their Christmas music program at pre-school today and Santa Claus made a surprise appearance!  Since they've never liked Santa before, I wasn't expecting anything different but I guess seeing all their classmates cozy up to the big guy made them rethink their opinion of him.  When their name was called, they could hardly wait to scramble up onto his lap and tell him their heart's greatest desire (roller skates).

Santa photo 2008 blog

Afterward, they each got a little gift bag and Gwen quickly ripped into hers and loudly (but politely) explained what she saw to be the obvious problem: 

".... 'cuse me, Santa.  This is a puzzle.  It's not roller skates in here!"

I hurried over to her and whispered in her ear about Santa coming down the chimney on Christmas Eve with a big sack of presents over his shoulder and she nodded, then threw Santa a little wink,  and said "Never mind!" 

Yes, my 4 year old actually winked at Santa!  He laughed and I couldn't help but notice that his belly really shook like a bowl full of jelly!

Oh how I love Santa! 


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