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December 10, 2008

Help! Hives! (**updated**)


As luck would have it, Gwen woke up this morning (Dec 11) and is hive free!  The only evidence that she had hives yesterday is the minor skin damage she created when she was doing all that crazy scratching!  Thanks so much to everyone who commented with ideas about what might have caused this or how we can help her find relief from the itching.  I do think it had something to do with a cold/bug/virus we've all been passing around lately.  Hopefully it's gone for good! 

Gwen woke up this morning with one small raised welt on her upper thigh and, within an hour, the welts spread all over her torso.  I took her to the Doctor and they confirmed that she has hives but we're at a complete loss over what caused them.  She's not been on any medication and her diet has been dreadfully consistent (as always).  No food allergy.  Also, no new soap, laundry detergent or shampoo.  What could possibly be causing this?  Has anyone dealt with it before and, if so, what helps to ease the itching?  We've been on Benadryl all day and it's not helping!

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