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November 08, 2008

Maddy's Art



A few extra comments about our little artist:

  • First of all, when you look at Maddy's art, keep in mind that our Baby Rembrandt is just barely four years old.  She was born 7/31/2004 (4 pounds, 2 ounces) and was probably at least two months premature.   It was only just this past week that she finally hit 30 pounds in weight!  She's a peanut but she's a powerhouse!   When you consider her young age, her art skills are even more impressive!
  • Maddy is meticulous (almost to a fault).  For example, if she makes a tiny mistake when she signs her name, she'll throw the whole picture away.  I can't tell you how many times I've waited until she wasn't looking and raced to the trash to retrieve something I thought was really special. 
  • I love this pickle. Pickle_2   It was one of the things I pulled from the trash because she was frustrated that she signed her name with a tiny little wiggle on one of the D's.  I cropped that part off because I knew she'd be horrified to see it later.  That's my goofy little girl!  We're constantly reminding her that perfection isn't a goal you have to achieve right away.  For the most part, she understands this and the next bullet point is a good example.
  • She thinks her animals are more special if they have more than the four legs God gave them.    Here's her giraffe.  Giraffe_multi_leg_2I asked her how many legs he had and she said there were six -- and she was pretty darn happy about that!  I just hugged her and told her he was the most awesome giraffe ever!
  • When she drew a cherry last week, I told her how to spell it and she wrote it down.  A few days later, she drew another cherry and wrote "CHRRY" under it totally from memory!  My girl rocks!
  • She wrote "Mommy" above the prettiest flower I've ever seen and brought it to me while I was in the bathroom putting on my makeup (see top left photo, above).   It made me cry then I had to put my makeup on all over again!  I'm so blessed to have Maddy in my life!


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