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November 01, 2008

Baby Loves Disco (but Elmo probably doesn't!)


It was pouring rain today so a fun indoor activity was just the ticket.  Truly, the perfect time for our 2nd Baby Loves Disco event.  They only do this about 2 times per year and we're already looking forward to the next one. (Our first visit was blogged <here>) 

At first, we weren't so sure we'd like this type of thing but it's only "disco" in a peripheral sense.  I mean, the music is there (in all its Saturday Night Fever goodness) but it's not loud and the dance floor is just a small part of the offerings at this big nightclub.  The sponsors of this event transform the whole place into a very kid friendly experience -- moving tables and chairs to make room to scatter giant pillows, books, hula hoops, crawl-through tunnel thingies, tents, music-making paraphernalia, etc.  There's even a wall covered in paper and a big bucket of crayons so the kids can leave their mark.  And the food is really good:  Several different types of cheeses, crackers, chips, fresh guacamole, pita squares and humus, fresh fruit and fresh veggies and an unlimited supply of juice boxes.  All for the $12 admission price per person.  If mom or dad really want something fancy from the bar, there's a bartender ready to cater to your every whim! 

Gwen found a little friend within minutes of arrival and this little girl followed her everywhere she went.  We took a hundred pictures (as usual) and her blond hair and blue princess dress are visible in just about all of them!  There were at least 150 kids packed into this nightclub but Gwen and her little Princess friend were constantly together.

To everyone's surprise, Elmo made an appearance and you'd have though he was a rock star by the way the kids treated him.  My girls won't get within 200 feet of a jolly man in a red Santa suit but they were practically glued to the poor guy in the Elmo costume.   A swarm of toddlers/preschoolers followed him everywhere he went.  Gwen kept poking him in the butt and he kept swatting her hand away and I was starting to get worried that she had some weird monster-butt fascination but then I noticed that ALL the kids were doing this.  I guess the only part of a big red friendly monster that a 4 year old can reach is his bottom!   The guy inside that suit will need therapy after this, I'm sure.

We left the club around 3:30 and (by some miracle) managed to keep the girls awake all the way home so we could tuck them in and get a nice 1 hour nap.  After that, we pulled on our goulashes and rain jackets and went outside to do some stomping around in the rain before heading to dinner at Sweet Tomatoes.

All in all, a really great (wet!) day!



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