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15 posts from October 2008

October 22, 2008

Do you have your 2009 calendar yet?

This is Gwen modeling our new 2009 calendar.  She's not an YiYang girl but her friend Suzanne is. 

Here's what YiYang Daddy, Jeff, had to say about this calendar:

"It is that time of year again where YOU & your ENTIRE family NEED new calendars for next year. You know you do! So instead of purchasing the “Puppy” calendar or the sexy Firefighters for your mother-in-law, go buy a calendar that helps kids in need!

All of the proceeds from this calendar go directly to help kiddos that are in the two orphanages in YiYang Hunan China. Suzanne is from the Childrens Welfare Institute in YiYang. If you buy a calendar this month, September, then it will go to help two things. A Daddy’s Challange for Half the Sky and to the YiYang Fund just mark your donation for both!"

You can read all about it on Jeff's blog here:  http://blog.jeffstitt.com/?p=86.  If you want to buy a calendar, contact him at the email under the picture above (or on his blog).   

October 20, 2008

Did you know USPS delivers Treasure!


October 18, 2008


I found an awesome photography site when I visited Sarah's blog.  She's a contributer there and the site is called We Picture This.  I think it's a newer site but I was impressed, humbled and inspired all at the same time.  I'm not sure if my photography skills can ever measure up but here's our first attempt at the current theme:  Joy.

This picture was taken at Half Moon Bay in May of this year.  At first, neither of our girls (especially Gwen) were in much of a mood for a walk along a path leading towards the beach but their attitude improved quickly as Daddy challenged them to a contest of rolling down the grass hill!   Here's Maddy full of glee and striking a victory pose!      

(Click image for a larger view)
Camera: Canon Rebel XT
Mode: Program
Lens: Canon EF-S 17-85 IS
Focal Length: 66mm
ISO: 100
Aperture: f10
Shutter: 1/250
Cluster Frame:  Maria LaFrance Designs

(click here for more) ""Joy"" »

October 17, 2008

Anyone notice the mini blog makeover?

I changed my blog header last week (anyone notice?) and I've been trying to redo my blog side bar for several days.  I really wanted three columns because the links over there scroll down forever.  I can't see how to do it without losing all the custom configurations of my blog so I'm just sticking with two colums.  I did figure out how to hide the list headers and replace them with custom images.  Phew!  That was frustrating but surprisingly easy AFTER you've done it once.  Anyway, I'll leave you with a cute pic of Gwen since she looked so sad in the last batch of photos.


October 14, 2008

Our first school pictures!

Does pre-school count?  If so, these are our first school pictures.  We bribed the girls with chocolate if they cooperated during the photo shoot (see THIS post).  Maddy must have been thinking about chocolate the whole time because that's quite a happy smile on her face!  I'm not sure what Gwen was thinking about though (maybe melted chocolate?).  She's usually all full of smiles but you'd never know it to look at these pictures!  Even so, they couldn't be anything other than beautiful because, quite simply, she's beautiful! 

Both of my sweet girls got a delectable little Chocolate Kiss for their good work on Picture Day.  And they got a bunch of kisses from mommy too!



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