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October 27, 2008

Little Mommy?

Gwen has no interest in dolls at all but she wanted to hold little baby Nolan today.  She won't even hold the cat she's known most of her life -- but she wanted to hold the baby! 

She sat on the bench so patiently while he was placed in her arms and was very careful not to squeeze him too tightly or dump him on the floor (as I feared she might because I've seen how she treats her stuffed animals - or her own sister!).  She was tender and sweet and .... thrilled to be holding him!   Just look at that beautiful smile!  She's beaming!   Could it be that my little Tomboy Gwen is really a Little Mommy?

Gosh, I sure hope this doesn't mean she's going to ask Santa for a baby brother!

Analeise_nolanBaby Nolan is the three month old son of our friend Analeise.  We met her at our local Mall way back in early 2006 when all four of the girls in the picture above were under age two and Dominic (far right) was just a tiny baby.   We didn't even have Maddy yet.

Right before she placed Nolan in Gwen's arms, he spit up a bit of formula and Gwen saw it and gagged and almost puked!  We laughed because it totally reminded us of the infamous vomit ordeal at the mall where we met several years ago.  Funny how you can look back on these things and actually laugh!

So, is Gwenny getting maternal?  Right before nap today, I rubbed her cute round belly and jokingly asked if she had a baby in there and she just shrugged and said "Not yet".  Ten years from now, those words might make every last drop of my blood feel like ice water in my veins but today they're innocent and absolutely adorable!   Just like her!


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