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October 07, 2008

And I always thought "U" was for Umbrella.

We bought a pack of ABC flashcards while we were in China a few months ago.  They were the usual format ie. "A" is for Apple, "B" is for Boy, etc.  But we totally cracked up when we got to "U": 

U is for UglyAnd just in case you weren't sure what that looks like, there's a nice illustration.  There ya go.  Any questions?


Honestly, our girls don't even know that word since we're careful not to teach them labels they can embarrass us with in public.  It's bad enough that Gwen wastes no time telling me that my bottom is big.  Imagine where my self-esteem would be if she had more adjectives in her vocabulary?

Oh, and X is for Xmas.  Uh huh.
Hee hee.... Not surprisingly, "P" wasn't for Political Correctness. 


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