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September 12, 2008

Our Family Portrait (Maddy's Art)


Maddy is an amazing little artist.   Last night, she created this masterpiece all by herself!  Click it for a larger view.  Keep in mind that this little girl just turned four on July 31st!

She sits here in the playroom and draws pictures every minute she's not at preschool or sleeping.  All the practice is paying off as her technique improves by leaps and bounds every single day. 

Most kids have some interest in art but very few can pick up a crayon and draw something without being taught a few of the basics.    Even if it's just stick figures, it makes a world of difference to give them some instruction.  We started by showing Maddy how to draw a person's face by drawing a circle with two eyes and a nose and mouth.

She practiced her faces this way for more than a week but when she was ready to add a body, all her people had arms and legs sprouting from their head!  So I taught her to draw a neck then a square for a shirt and rectangles for sleeves and pants. (a triangle for a skirt for a girl).  A few days later, we added hands (small circles with fingers) and "L" shaped legs and feet.   Just this little bit of instruction made so much of a difference!  Before long, she'll be teaching ME!    

Our favorite art supplies are Crayola products.  They have a bunch of stuff that is "twistable".  Non-toxic crayons, colored pencils, even markers that don't break or lose their point or have messy paper wrappers or lids to get lost.  Most are washable and many are erasable.  Our most recent favorite is "Crayola Slick Stix".  They're almost like drawing with Mommy's lipstick but there are more colors and you don't get in trouble afterwards!


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