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September 18, 2008

It's amazing what kids will do for chocolate!

Okay, I know I'm biased but isn't this child incredibly beautiful?   Her eyes and mouth and skin and nose and hair....   She simply takes my breath away!    Can you look at this picture and still draw a full breath?  Well?  Can you?

Okay, enough of the public Maddy Love Fest.  I'll move on.

Today was school picture day so I dressed the girls in color coordinated outfits and fixed their hair especially nice.   I put Gwen's hair in braids last night so it was full and fluffy and I used the curling iron on Maddy's hair to give her a pretty "style" (she LOVED that!).  Maddy even got some stick-on earrings!  Then we all went outside to take a few pictures before school.   

Pretty cute, eh?


I told the school photographer to feel free to bribe the girls with chocolate!  I promised them that I'd pick them up from school with two miniature Hershey's Chocolate bars if they followed instructions, looked at the camera and did their best to have a nice photo shoot.  Their teachers said they did great so we came home and celebrated!  Mmmmmmm!

When the school pictures arrive, I'll scan and post them.  :)


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