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September 15, 2008

Elmo (more Maddy Art)


Click to enlarge image and read text.

Yep, it's more of Maddy's fancy artwork.  She spends the entire day doing this sort of thing.  Really, that's every waking minute not taken up by pre-school, park, nap and dinner.  Her fingertips are permanently stained by the crayons and pensa but the beautiful smile on her face appears to be just as permanent!

Maddy has natural talent but her drawings don't come straight from her pretty little head.  I'm not an artist (far from it!) but I show her how to draw the things you've seen on this blog.  I demonstrate once and she's eager to give it a try on her own and that's what you see posted on this blog.   Pretty soon, her skills are going to far surpass mine so I'm very grateful to everyone who's commented (or emailed me) with a link to a good drawing instruction product for children.   Since my own skills are so basic (and crappy), I'm excited about trying some of these products myself! 

Art is fun.  I'm really happy that Maddy has a very special hobby to pour her heart and soul into.  I wish Gwen had something as special but I suppose she's more the typical four year old with wishy washy interests in a hundred different things and no special focus on any of it (yet).    So far, her interest in crayons hasn't extended beyond peeling the paper wrappers off and snapping them in two! 


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