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August 10, 2008

Plan B


Gwen and Maddy are learning their phone number.   We've turned it into a song that we chant like soldiers as we march from place to place:


We picked daddy's cell phone number because it's the phone we're most likely to have with us when we're away from home.   Next, we devised a plan.  Actually two plans:

  • Plan A: Teach the girls to stay close to us and never get separated.
  • Plan B:  Have some way to find them when Plan A fails.

Evolution of Plan B: 

  • In the old days, we used various types of baby harnesses or "leashes" to tether our children to us.  We got plenty of nasty glances from people who witnessed this.  Especially when Gwen went through her phase of walking on all fours and barking.
  • We printed ID cards for each child and laminated them and put them in cute little ID card holders.  This was perfect until we discovered that we usually didn't remember to bring the tags with us when we left the house.  Even when we did remember, we usually couldn't find the darn things! 
  • Our next trick was to find a ballpoint pen and write our phone number on each child's arm.  This worked well right up until the moment they found water or mud to play in.  Since our kids are water/mud magnets, this plan usually failed.  Quickly. 
  • Teaching them to squawk 7600 would be pretty easy but we've not found a reasonable way to attach a transponder to a four year old.   I know there are  good, non-aviation, variations of this available and I'm seriously looking into it.  If you know of something, let me know!
  • Our most recent version of Plan B is simply (ha!) to teach them Daddy's phone number, advise them to stay put, and tell them to ask the very first lady they see to call us on her cell phone.  Why should they seek out a woman?  Easy:  Most registered sex offenders are not women and women almost always have a cell phone (physically with them, charged and usually decorated nicely).   The kids just turned four.  When they're older, we'll refine this final part a little bit more and tell them to seek out employees of the park/store, etc. 

We've been singing the phone numbers.
We've been writing the phone numbers.
We've finally started actually dialing them. 

It's been fun and -- so far, so good -- but both girls get so excited to finally get to push the previously forbidden telephphone buttons that they don't always get the numbers in the right sequence and end up calling someone else's daddy!  But we're making progress!

*The number I listed in our little song is a random number that rhymes with ours -- of course, it's not our actual number. :)


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