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May 23, 2008

Size Differences

Differences_blog_2It's hard not to notice the physical differences between Gwen and Maddy but that wasn't always the case. 

Two years ago, they were very close in height and weight and every day strangers would smile and ask me if they were twins.  Since I hated to lie, I'd say "no" and then they'd ask about the age difference (36 days) and that would lead to even more questions that random strangers aren't really entitled to answers to.  But I always felt compelled to be courteous and answer them.  To avoid all of this, I stopped dressing the girls alike and avoided eye contact with anyone who looked too curious.

In the last year or so, Gwen has really gotten much larger than Maddy.  Not just in weight but in all other ways:  She's three inches taller, 14 pounds heavier and 4 shoe sizes larger.  The differences are very obvious now and nobody ever thinks they're twins.  Instead, they think Gwen is a year or two older than Maddy.

Gwen is the size of the average US five year old but she's still only three.  Maddy is normal height for her age but weighs about as much as a 2 year old.  This is just the way God made them and we love them for who they are and there doesn't seem to be much we can do to influence a significant change to any of it. 

When Michael was three, he was also very big for his age and I considered getting him a custom made t-shirt that said "I'm only three" so people wouldn't look at him and expect more mature behavior.  Now I wish I'd gotten that shirt so I could pass it down to Gwen!

It's strange having virtual twins who are so similar emotionally and developmentally but so incredibly different physically.  But they're our babies and we love 'em and wouldn't have it any other way!  :)   


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