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April 11, 2008

Leaving for China in 4 days!


We leave next Tuesday for a three week vacation in China.  Unlike our two prior trips, we plan to come home with exactly as many children as we had when we started (darn!).  We're going to Hong Kong, Beijing, Xian, Hangzhou, Wuzhen, Suzhou, Shanghai, Guilin, and Qinzhou.  In addition to the usual touristy stuff, we'll visit blogger friends in Shanghai and Maddy's foster family in Qinzhou.

We'll post to this blog while we're away (not the password blog).

Packing has turned into my latest obsession.   Regardless of how many heavy suitcases we're allowed for the international flight, we only get one 44 pound suitcase per person for the rest of our travel in China.  I've been trying to make the most out of each and every pound!

When you toss in the essential stuff like Pull-ups (we need 100 of them!), computers and electronics, DVD's, camera, toiletries, and a small assortment of toys, it quickly becomes obvious that there's not much room for clothes.  Since laundering an item typically costs at least as much as the original purchase price of the item, I'm trying to pack only things that can easily be washed in the hotel bathroom sink and hanged in the shower to dry overnight.  Obviously, nothing with full cotton content is allowed within 10 feet of any of our suitcases.  I'm also restricting myself and the girls to one color scheme of clothing so everything matches everything else and we don't need more than two pairs of shoes each.  Ha!  Well see how that goes!

We're taking the car seats that we purchased during our 2006 China trip.  This is probably the last time we'll be able to use them but they've been worth their weight in gold since we've used them on many flights and the girls sleep so blissfully in them.  We can't use them on any of the China Southern flights inside China so we're crossing our fingers that we can leave them at our Hong Kong hotel for the duration of our trip and retrieve them on the day before we fly home (we're staying at the same hotel on the first and last days of our trip).  I've been afraid to seek permission in advance to do this since I don't want to hear a "no" answer.  Instead, I'll wait until I'm there and my two pretty little girls are standing next to me and we'll all bat our eyelashes in unison and hope the hotel will agree to hold the car seats for 2.5 weeks.  If they won't, we'll ditch them.  That's life.

Okay, back to packing!  :)


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