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October 10, 2007

Pretty view through the lens of a brand new camera!


Camera_soup_sm We have a Canon Rebel XT that takes amazing pictures but it's large and clunky so we don't use it as often as we should.  Then there's our Canon Powershot S80 that also takes good pictures and is tiny and portable -- but the shutter is SOOOO SLOOOOOW.  Most of the time, we just end up with pictures of the back of our kids head as they turn and run the other direction!

So we got a nice little "in between" camera:  A Canon Powershot G9.  It's 12 mega pixel and much faster than the S80 but it's about the size and weight of a can of soup.

We had a pretty sky today so I loaded the kids into the van and we headed out to take some pictures The girls have a toy camera (or "Cam-ee", as Gwen says) and they love to look out the window and snap pictures as we drive along.  One of our first stops was a local Lake where we got this amazing pic (top photo).  There were several more that were equally beautiful so it was hard to pick just one for the collage for the blog. 

The camera is really easy to use!  It's small and comfortable to carry and it uses the same battery our other Canon camera uses -- same flash too! 

I think we'll use this little gem a lot!  It won't take the place of our Rebel XT but it'll fill the gap that existed with our other camera quite nicely.   


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