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June 07, 2007

My boy

Son_smI don't blog about Michael very much but he's every bit as much a part of our family as his two adorable little sisters.  He's just getting older (19 already!) and isn't in front of our camera as much as he was when he was younger.

But, in the week of his 19th birthday, I've thought about him more than usual. 

Recently, a friend posted on the MSN China adoption forum that her agency was about to obtain several files of boys ages 8 to 13.  These boys will be either healthy or have very minor special needs.  Thinking about these boys really made me emotional.  These are boys who are old enough to know what they have and don't have.  They know what they want but unlike kids who have families, they know what they need.  They're willing to risk huge social upheaval to obtain it.  To move to another country and live with strangers who don't look or speak or eat or live like they do. 

All because they want a family -- they just want someone to love them.

I have a son so I know, firsthand, how special the bond is between a mother and her boy.  They'll suck it up and not cry when they get hurt if their friends are watching.  They'll pretend like they're too old to give Dad a hug before bedtime but they'll absolutely fall into Mommy's arms if they feel vulnerable.  My heart breaks to think of boys out there in the world, all alone, who can't do this.  They have to present this brave face every single day but, inside, they're just little boys who need to know the tender touch and unconditional love of a Mommy (and a Dad too).  I hope every one of those boys (not yet listed) finds a forever family right away!  And I hope CCAA sends the files of more older orphans to the agencies who have families lined up out the door (and around the block!) to adopt a waiting child.

We didn't have a digital camera until Michael was 13 so there's not much on the computer to share with you.  But here are a few of my favorite pictures of my goofy/adorable boy (now a man!) when he was school age.    I hope this inspires someone with a big house and bigger heart to consider adopting an older boy or maybe even two!   


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