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June 27, 2007

More Gwenny Bday pics

Gwenny_threeI couldn't resist sharing a few more pictures from three days ago when Gwen turned three.  She's such a little darling!  She's really proud of herself that she can hold down her pinky with her thumb show three fingers.  She's been practicing and practicing this and now she's a champ at it!

In the last week, she's decided not to call me Mama anymore.  Now, I'm officially MOMMY.  She likes the sound of it too and will even correct herself if she slips and says Mama.  Let me just say that my heart almost bursts with love and adoration for this child when I hear her precious little voice say Mommy.  I really don't think any child has ever sounded cuter.  She's got a personality to go with that sweet little voice too.

When I give her a snack or bring her a cup of juice or find her Lovey and hand it to her, she always says "Oh!  Thank you, Mommy!"  Yeah, you can read that and think, yeah - that's cute, but you would have to HEAR it to get the full impact.  It's so incredibly sweet that it makes my teeth ache!


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