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June 17, 2007

Father's Day

Dad_smIt's nearly 10:00 PM on Father's Day and I'm just starting to put this post together.  Such is life with two 2 year olds, I guess!

But that doesn't diminish the importance of the three men in my life that I'm paying tribute to today.  First mention goes to my dad.

My parents divorced when I was 6 years old and I lived with Dad pretty exclusively until leaving home at age 17 (to join the Army).  My Dad taught me the best lesson ever:  "The greatest gift a father can give his children is to love their mother".

I don't, personally, remember his relationship with my real mom but I very vividly remember his relationship with my step-mom and it was clear that he adored her.  I never saw or heard a fight.  I always saw lots of physical affection and respect. 

The first man I ever loved was my Daddy and, when I grew up, I was sure I'd marry him.  I vividly remember dancing on his feet, snuggles, love and cuddles.    When I went looking for a life partner, I wanted a man that had the qualities I saw in my father. 


I hit the jackpot with Andrew.  He's the most incredible man I've ever known in my entire life.  He's smart and funny and compassionate.  He's a man of of the highest moral character.  He's honest and fair and, as if fate could actually put a cherry on top of the perfect sundae, he's wicked handsome too! 

Every adjective I used to describe him takes on a new meaning since I've known him (if you've got a man like this, you know what I mean).  I'll never have to tell my kids how fortunate they are to have him as their Dad.  They'll Just Know.

None of Andrew's qualities are a surprise when you consider where he came from.  His parents are simply wonderful.  They've been married over 40 years and I still see a sparkle between them when they're together.   

It's my deepest hope that our girls will see the same sparkle between their mom and dad and will, someday, seek a partner with their Daddy's qualities.    If they do, I'll never have to worry that they're happy and loved.


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