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May 18, 2007

My Mother's Baby

Family FotoFun Friday Challenge #32 
Post your pictures on your blog and leave a link and a comment here before 5/25/2007.

This week's photo challenge is "My baby photo".  Want to play? 
Here are the very simple rules.

Last week was Mother's Day and that gave me one more wonderful reason to think about my mom.  Now that I'm a mom (for the last 19 years), I find that I'm constantly comparing myself to my mother in ways I never did before motherhood.  For example, as a young girl, I wanted hair like mom and bright red fingernails.   I wanted a gold mini-dress and matching shoes!

As a pre-teen, I hoped to have breasts and curves like my mother.  But, now that I'm a mom, I've put aside those trivial things in the single hope that I'd just have patience and grace like my mother.

Donna_1961 When my son was born in 1988, Mom took care of both of us until I was back on my feet and confident enough to go back to my own home with my new little person.  Mom was so good with Michael -- so incredibly natural -- that, at some point, I wondered if everyone would be better off if I just gave him to her!  Of course, I didn't do that and the sound of him sitting behind me here in the office pounding away at his computer is a reminder of that.  Some day, he'll have a wife and kids and I hope he'll appreciate my Grandma skills as much as I appreciate my mom back "in the day" when he was a baby. 

Of course, Mom had experience because she'd already had a baby or two.  Now I have experience too!

The photo you see is me -- my Mother's baby -- and the source of probably too much of that hard earned experience!

Please don't enter your link until you've completed the Foto challenge and posted it on your blog.  If you enter your link early, it might get deleted!  Also, Instead of your name, please enter your blog's name.  After the challenge is over, many people like to go back and look at old challenges so please help them find that specific post on your blog by entering the link that goes directly to it ( How do I do that?).

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