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May 11, 2007

Crappy stuff happens in B's or 3's?

Bs_and_3s_sm Number One:  Andrew went to Banff for the 2007 World Wide Web conference and I stayed here with the girls because it just seemed easier than taking them with us.  But now that I've seen pictures of Banff, I'm incredibly jealous!  It's gorgeous there!  And, as it turned out, it's been pretty hellish here so we should have gone with Daddy! 

Number Two:  Yesterday,  I broke my toe (the one on my right foot that "ate roast beef for dinner") and spent the rest of the day chasing my 2 year olds on 1.5 good feet -- a clear disadvantage that they could have exploited but (amazingly) showed some compassion about.  They seemed to cut me some slack (thanks, Girls!).

Number Three:  Today, I was able to walk on almost two good feet so we decided to celebrate by visiting a park but the van wouldn't start!  We were all strapped in and ready to go but the stupid thing just clicked and the engine wouldn't turn over.  It seems the battery in the van was dead (my fault for leaving the DVD playing while I hobbled back into the house to get juice for the girls).  I guess my hobbling took much longer than usual because the battery was gonners!  so we were stuck at home until the Triple A guy came out and gave us a jump.  Then it was nap time and the girls were so disappointed to not get to go to the park. 

Why can't this happen when Daddy is here?  Why must fate play such cruel tricks and save all the bad stuff for when there's just one of me and two of them (and no Daddy around)??  Why?

At least a few good things came out of this week.  First of all, there were no stupid surprises on American Idol and I discovered that Pirate's Booty goes really well with Tsingtao beer.


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