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April 20, 2007

Sponsor a child?

Smilefamily We sponsor the foster care of a little boy from Maddy's orphanage in QinZhou, Guangxi, China.  We get quarterly reports and pictures of him and it's something we always look forward to.  The cost is pretty minor -- especially considering how far those dollars go and how much foster care affects every single minute of a child's life (as opposed to living in an orphanage). 

The family portrait pictured here is of the family who sponsored Maddy when she was in foster care in 2005/2006.  They also adopted a little girl from QinZhou.  It wasn't just their dollars that touched Maddy's life.  This family is part of her history and she'll, someday, understand how significant a role they played in her happiness.

There are a few kids from Maddy's SWI who don't have sponsors.  If you're interested in helping (tax deductable, of course), here's a link to see their pictures:  https://www.grace-hope.org/(cqxuajar25kj3l45tozb0eq2)/Waiting.aspx?OrphanageID=9.  If you decide to sponsor a family, please post a little comment so I'll know this blog post made a difference.


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