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April 13, 2007


Family FotoFun Friday Challenge #27 
Post your pictures on your blog and leave a link and a comment here before 4/20/2007.

This week's photo challenge is "pets".   If you don't have a real live pet, a stuffed animal will do. Want to play?  Here are the very simple rules.

If you like super-cute babies, sweet kitty-cats, and/or Tom Jones, you'll LOVE this video.  You might have to click the arrow twice (for some reason, I always do).

That's Gwenny last June.  (What a difference ten months makes, huh!)  And that's Kitty, our Japanese Bobtail.  Originally, Kitty was named Baby but that got pretty confusing when Gwen showed up and claimed that name for herself.  So, kitty became "Kitty".  I think it suits her.

Ten months ago, Kitty had only one little Princess to deal with but now, with two little girls around, Kitty is a little bit less willing to sit still and appreciate frequent sessions of tough lovin' which often include ear and eye exploration and backwards fur petting.  But she's remarkably mellow and she puts up with much more of it that you'd expect a cat to.  (If I can manage to capture two 2 year olds and a cat in one picture, I'll post it.)

As spring teases us with sunny warm invitations to come play in the backyard, our Monkey Girls are always asking to go out.  They can open the sliding door to the backyard but can't seem to find the same enthusiasm to close it once they're out so Kitty is getting frequent tastes of delicious freedom.  She''ll be seven this Thanksgiving and she's spayed so she's not really keen on wandering.  Our 19,000 square foot yard is fully fenced and offers lots of fun sights and sounds and smells but we hope she's not inclined to hop the 6 foot fence and see if the green grass on the other side is tastier (and, therefore, better to vomit onto our pale grey carpet). 

Someday, we hope to get a dog.  Since I'm a big James Herriott fan, I've read a lot about this breed and have come to love the idea of getting a Border Collie.  But there's currently enough poop in my life so I'm not looking to get a dog until there's someone else who's willing to scoop! 

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