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April 27, 2007

Gotcha/Metcha Clothes

Family FotoFun Friday Challenge #29 
Post your pictures on your blog and leave a link and a comment here before 5/4/2007.

This week's photo challenge is "Gotcha clothes".  Want to play?  Here are the very simple rules.


People say they have skinny kids on Gotcha day and they post pictures to prove it but I almost never see it.  Maybe because photos add ten pounds so, if you only weighed 19 to begin with, you end up looking normal?

I decided, in honor of Maddy's 8 month anniversay of our first meeting, that I'd dress her in her Gotcha clothes and see how much she's changed.  I was drawn to do this because I'd been thinking about her Gotcha day a lot over the past week or so.  Another family adopted a little girl around the same time that we adopted Maddy.  They met her in the same room, adopted her in the same room, stayed in the same hotel.  But they didn't keep her.  I can't 2nd guess their reasons but it really made me think about Maddy since every adjective they used to describe their new daughter could have easily been used to describe ours.

I remember it like it was yesterday.  They carried her in and my first thought was that she looked prettier than her referral pictures (if such a thing was even possible!) and my second thought was that she looked much, much, MUCH, skinnier!  So skinny, in fact, that it was hard to not gasp when we undressed her back at the hotel room to give her a bath.  Her back bone stuck out and had little scars where the boney protruberances had met with hard objects in recent months.  She was 25 months old and potty trained but had a butt the size of a newborn!  She was average height for a Chinese girl but her weight didn't even register on the charts.  She had a good appetite and was in Foster Care so what happened?  Did they intentionally starve her? 

It took Maddy about three days to cry.  Until then, she was compliant yet expressionless (except for rare instances when Gwen would make her laugh or smile).  She was filthy and covered in little sores that couldn't heal because she'd constantly pick at them.    She let Daddy tend to her basic needs.  She didn't tolerate me at all and that was the case until long after we were home.  Bonding has been a process that took the best part of six months but we've arrived!  She finally accepts affection and even seeks it out!  She's talking and running and jumping and eating!  She's a happy little girl and she owns our hearts!


Gwen was just a couple of months past her first birthday when we met her but she weighed a healthy 22 pounds!  She's even "healthier" now (that's what we're calling it!) at 35 pounds! 

It was pretty easy to put Madeline into her Gotcha clothes because they'd only aged 8 months (and were large to start with) but Gwen has been our girl for 19 months now!

This really was the very last time we might ever hope to squeeze her into those clothes!  And it sure was a squeeze! They were TIGHT!  But I'm really glad I made the time and took the pictures.

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