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March 13, 2007

Daylight Savings Time

Bedtime_smI like to "Spring ahead" because I really appreciate the extra hour of daylight in the last half of the day.  Especially now that it's getting warmer and we can spend more time outside in the evenings. 

Our scientific approach to easing the girls into the new time change this year was to just plunk them into bed at 8:30 and not worry too much about it.  Of course, it also helped that we totally wore them out on Saturday by hosting that huge reunion party at our house!  So it must not have felt like Mommy and Daddy were putting them to bed an hour early!   

We're really lucky to have amazing success with bedtime in our house.  I'm sure the crib tents help but it's also beneficial to stick to the schedule and having a ritual really helps too.

Our nighttime ritual consists of changing into PJ's, brushing teeth, and chasing our little happy girls down the hall to their room where Daddy reads them "Ping Ping Panda".   Lately, there's been a few goofy little alterations tho:

Last night, Gwen got half way into the PJ part of the ritual when she decided that it might be fun to run back into the playroom in her diaper and "hide" under the trampoline.    I watched her scurry under it and she reminded me of a cockroach so, when Daddy arrived 10 seconds later to retrieve her, I was ready with the camera.  He lifted up the trampoline and off she ran with Daddy in hot pursuit.   Two minutes later, she was zipped into her PJ's and racing toward the nursery where she scaled the side of her crib, flopped over the top rail, and leaped to her feet to close the front flap with a great big Zzzzzzzzip!  When I finally caught up, she spied the camera in my hand and posed for a few photos.    

Maddy is equally enthusiastic about bedtime but needs some help getting into her crib.  She's always less willing than Gwen to pose for photos -- especially when she's tired -- but I managed to snap a few anyway.   Maddy's more of a morning-person and we usually hear her talking to herself or singing "Up above the (world so).... high" (eighty times!) on the baby monitor each morning before the alarm goes off.   That's usually when I turn down the monitor and drift back off until the alarm wakes us again.  Gwenny doesn't have that luxury but still manages to sleep through Maddy's non-stop chatter anyway.    If it wasn't for the crib tents, we know we'd all be forced to adopt the early schedule of our littlest Sunshine Girl!   


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