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March 02, 2007




The play-set arrived today at 3 pm.  It came off the truck as three really huge boxes secured atop a wooden pallet.  The delivery guy said he couldn't take any of the packing materials away with him but offered to do it after we sweetened the offer with "a little something for his trouble".  It was WELL worth it!

Putting this thing together is a pretty big task but Andrew came home from work a few hours early and the weather was incredible and it made the challenge look much more 'doable'.  Otherwise, we'd be waiting for reinforcements for sure! 

He worked on it while I chased the girls around and tried to keep them from walking off with critical nuts and bolts -- or any of Daddy's super exciting looking tools.  Before the screws were even in place, they were climbing and sliding (and generally underfoot) but it's really fun to see them enjoying this in our very own beautiful backyard!

You'll all be seeing MUCH more of this play-set in the future since we're hosting our travel group's 18 month reunion at our home this year. Something tells me this super fun thing is going to see LOTS of action in the coming months!

After two hours, Daddy needed to go back to work to attend a dinner for a candidate. It'll be dark when he returns so we'll have to finish this up tomorrow. When it's all done, hopefully it'll look something like <this>.


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