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March 02, 2007

Gimme (part 2)

Family FotoFun Friday Challenge #21 
Post your pictures on your blog and leave a link and a comment here before 3/9/07.

This week's photo challenge is based on last week's FFFF challenge.  The twist is that this week you get to list 10 things you DON'T like that start with the letter you were already given -- in my case, an A. 

Last week's challenge was the most popular ever (surprising since it wasn't one of my favorites) so I hope everyone has fun with this one too!   

Gimme_not_pg_1sm Gimme_not_pg_2sm Gimme_not_pg_3sm


1.  Ants - these are eating a ladybug!!  How horrible is that!?!?

2.  Anger - what's the point.  It's such a huge waste of time.

3.  Alien Abduction - especially when probes are involved.

4.  Ashtrays - ewww!

5.  Arguments - especially when I'm not winning.

6.  Abstract Art - unless it's the brilliant work of a preschooler!

7. Acetaminophen - I much prefer Ibuprofen.  Works better, lasts longer.

8.  Airheads.

9.  Allergens - makes my eyes itch just thinking about it. 

10. Arson.

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