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March 30, 2007

Easter Bunny

Family FotoFun Friday Challenge #25 
Post your pictures on your blog and leave a link and a comment here before 4/6/07.

This week's photo challenge is "Easter Bunny".  Want to play?  Here are the very simple rules.

Maddy_with_easter_bunnyWhat is it about a grown man in a ridiculous giant bunny suit that makes parents line up and pay money to have their child sit in his lap?  Okay, in M3's case we know it's the free piece of chocolate afterwards but why do the rest of us do it?  Am I really the only person who finds it sorta, well..... creepy?      

Here's Maddy.  She saw Mr Bunny sitting there all alone and I teased her by asking if she wanted to go sit on his lap and say hello.   I fully expected that she'd greet that idea with as much shock and horror as my similar constant requests to go say hi to Santa (who occupied that same exact white bench just a few months earlier).  Neither of my kids have ever agreed to get withing 30 feet of Santa but, to my amazement, Maddy said yes about the Easter Bunny! 

She sat on his huge hairy leg and the camera guy squeaked and waved some unidentifiable blue stuffed toy and Maddy cracked up laughing!  They took this picture and collected $17 from me and Maddy got two chocolate candy "kisses".  She shared one with Gwen who immediately gobbled hers down and tried to convince Maddy to go sit on that scary thing again and get her some more candy!

UPDATE:  On the night before Easter, with just 5 minutes before the end of his final shift, we were amazed to see that there wa no line of nervous children waiting to have their pic taken with our local Mall Bunny.  But we were even more amazed when we asked Gwen if she wanted to go say hi and she agreed!

So, here's her first picture with the big furry guy himself!  Heck, maybe we'll get a picture with Santa this year too?


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