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February 03, 2007

Under the weather

20070203_maddy_009_smallMaddy's a little bit under the weather tonight.  she was fine all day but stopped being her usual self around dinner time.  Then she threw up.  Poor baby.  She was so unhappy!

So she's resting comfortably on the sofa watching Teletubbies and sipping Pedialite.  She's got her comfy PJ's and her softest blanket and a trusty pitcher to throw up in (yes, we train 'em young to do this!). 

I hope she has a good night and is back to her happy/active self tomorrow!

20070203_maddy_010_smallMeanwhile, Gwen seems to have soaked up all of the energy Maddy lost tonight and she's sure got a bundle of it!  But, between laps around the room and leaps across the furniture, she's being a sweet little nurse to Maddy.  She understands that Maddy doesn't feel good so she's tucking in her blanket and giving her sweet little love pats.  Most significantly, she's not tormenting her by taking things away from her (a very popular pastime in a house with two 2.5 year olds).


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