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February 25, 2007

One year ago...

Gwen_carseat_mediumI remember taking the top picture a year ago.  I didn't share it because Gwen wasn't smiling but I kept it because it captured a common expression and it was in focus (that's my lame criteria for not deleting photos).

The hairstyle is the result of the shaved head she received in China just 8 months earlier.   

Yesterday, I took pictures of the girls in our new minivan while they watched a movie on the DVD player.   Gwen looked pretty comfy in her car seat with her lovey and her sippy cup of orange juice. 

After uploading the pics, I decided to peek back at last February to see what we were up to and ran across the old photo of Gwen in her car seat and thought it might be fun to post both of them together.  She's sure changed!

Watching_dvd_smNotice the lovely glassy-eyed, zombiesque quality of the children as they are sucked into the DVD experience in our van? 

Yep, this is *exactly* why we got the DVD player.

While they're zombied out with the DVD, they're not throwing their sippy cups at each other or requiring us to twist our body into a pretzel to attempt to retrieve the discarded item from under someone's seat. 

They're not crying about toys the other child won't share and they're not demanding that we take notice of the "AIRPLANE IN THE SKY!!!" each and every 680 times they scream it after saying and "MOMMA!  DADDA!" and tricking us into finally saying "What, Darling?"   

Yes, we know they're incredibly cute but that game gets very old. 

We do have a rule (about DVD player usage) that says we won't turn it on for any trip shorter than one hour.  Sometimes we factor in unexpected traffic and/or food stops just to stretch a 45 minute trip into 60 but we think our intact sanity is well worth the lost nomination for "Parent of the Year".


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