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February 22, 2007


Family FotoFun Friday Challenge #20 
Post your pictures on your blog and leave a link and a comment here before 3/2/07. 

This week's photo challenge is a meme called "Gimme!" I got the idea from Pushing the River (who assigned me the letter "A".   You're given a letter (by me) and you go to your blog and list ten things you like/love that begin with that letter.  But I put a twist on it by adding the requirement of a picture for each of the 10 things.  It can be any picture you find on the internet or one you took yourself -- or a mix of both.  Your choice.

If you want to play, post a comment and simply say "Gimme!".  I'll reply back to you (via email) with a letter that I picked at random. When you've added your list of ten to your blog, come back and post your link so we can see what you came up with!

This FFFF Challenge took me longer than any of the others but it was really fun!  I hope you have fun with it too!   



1.  Andrew - my wonderful husband of five years.

2.  Adoption - without it, our family of five would still be a family of three.

3.  Art - All of our favorite artists are family except this one: Alexander Volkov.

4.  Azaleas - especially the fushia ones.

5.  Almonds - chocolate covered, please!

6.  Affection - whether it's my kids or my husband or my friends, it's always one of the best things in my life!

7.  America - I feel fortunate to live in this country.

8.  Architecture - This photo is one of our favorites.  Andrew took it two summers ago when we visited Manhattan.

9.  Azure - a gorgeous shade of blue. 

10. Artichokes - I love any food I can play with and this one is also a really exotic flower.

Family FotoFun Friday Participants
1. Buckeyes and Eggrolls
2. Davis Days
3. Julie
4. season star
5. Cannon Fishbowl
6. She\'s a-DORI-ble!!!
7. Waiting for Lauren Elizabeth
8. Random Thoughts
9. Waala Family Adventures-H
10. Just Keep Swimming
11. bicycle built for three
12. Loving Lydia
13. Karen
14. Angela
15. mexican chopsticks
16. Vivi Claire and Bella Jane
17. Sophie and Sage
18. Debbie
19. Journey with AnnaClaire
20. mikala yin
21. Daily Grind
22. Nikki
23. Bringing Maura Home
24. Wee Sit Baby
25. Our Three Daughters
26. Joanne
27. MississippiZen
28. Salsa in China
29. Mission To Macie
30. And Babies Make Four
31. The Lucky Ones
32. Smith Family Adventures
33. Twins!
34. G.B.J. Lambooij
35. BeckyB
36. The Kid and I
37. Katie Comes Home
38. Sonia
39. Lori
40. https//our-journey-to-gracie.blogspot.com


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