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February 12, 2007

Baby fat

Weight_smWe're all feeling much better and just about back to 100% but poor little Maddy lost nearly all the weight she'd gained in the six months she's been in our family. 

When we met her, Madeline, was barely two years old and barely 20 pounds.  She was so skinny that I gasped when I undressed her for the first time.  So, it was really frustrating that she was back down to 22 pounds again.

We've worked really hard to try to pad her tiny little frame.  She's not a terribly picky eater -- it's just that she doesn't eat much (a few bites).  We let her drink as many bottles of Pediasure as she wants and try to sneak calories into her diet everywhere we can.  If you have any idea what else we might offer her, please post a comment and let me know!

UPDATE 3/15/07:  Maddy is up to 24.5 pounds this morning.  It's so nice to see a bit of flesh on her bones!  Gwen is also up from this time last month.... she 31.5 pounds.  You can't offer fatty snacks to one without offering it to the other!  :)


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