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January 26, 2007


Family FotoFun Friday Challenge #16 
Post your pictures on your blog and leave a comment here before 2/2/07.

This week's photo challenge is "Profiles".


The idea for this week's FotoFun challenge comes from Trude of Season Star.  If anyone has ideas for future FFFF's, please email me.   

My girls are so pretty straight on that I've always considered a photograph of their profile to be a mistake.  Fortunately, I've not deleted the photos though!

It was fun to sort through the last few years of pictures to find profile shots.  Here are some of my favorites:


Gwen's Gotcha Profile
20060823_gotcha_113 Maddy's Gotcha profile
20061029glasses_141 Gwen's glamorous profile
20061207_maddy_pigtails_015 Maddy's demure profile

Family FotoFun Friday Participants
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2. She\'s a-DORI-ble!
3. Kayce
4. Sophie and Sage
5. Loving Gracie... Paperwork Pregnant No More
6. Davis Days
7. Journey to Sarah Lu
8. Raising Cami
9. season star
10. MississippiZen
11. Twins!
12. Cannon Fishbowl
13. Motherhood and Other Ramblings
14. Waala Family Adventures
15. Random Thoughts
16. Just Keep Swimming
17. Here We Grow Again
18. Eileen
19. Bang the Drum and Shout!
20. mexican chopsticks
21. My Cup Runneth Over
22. Bonnie
23. Smith Family Adventure\'s
24. Ellen & Mae
25. Wo Ai Ni!
26. AnnaClaire~Emily\'s Mei Mei
27. Our Three Daughters
28. And Chloe Makes 6
29. Julie
30. Now We AreSix
31. Mikala Yin...Born in our hearts..
32. lindaJ
33. Keara
34. Loving Lydia
20060209_018 Gwen's window shopping profile
20061124_xmastree_058 Maddy's tree-trimming profile
20061012_tv_003 Gwen's "watching Blues Clues" profile
20061207_pjs_006 Maddy's sleepy bedtime profile


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