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January 26, 2007


Family FotoFun Friday Challenge #16 
Post your pictures on your blog and leave a comment here before 2/2/07.

This week's photo challenge is "Profiles".


The idea for this week's FotoFun challenge comes from Trude of Season Star.  If anyone has ideas for future FFFF's, please email me.   

My girls are so pretty straight on that I've always considered a photograph of their profile to be a mistake.  Fortunately, I've not deleted the photos though!

It was fun to sort through the last few years of pictures to find profile shots.  Here are some of my favorites:


Gwen's Gotcha Profile
20060823_gotcha_113 Maddy's Gotcha profile
20061029glasses_141 Gwen's glamorous profile
20061207_maddy_pigtails_015 Maddy's demure profile

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January 21, 2007

Okay, what happened here?

Sad_happy_small My friend, Laura, took this picture a couple of weeks ago. It's made it to the top of my favorites for reasons I can't quite put my finger on.   Maybe because it so perfectly illustrates the different personalities of my kids? (Or maybe I just like their shirts?)

In spite of their obvious differences, Gwen and Maddy really are best friends.  They're never more than a few feet away from each other another and, if one is absent, the other isn't quite "whole" until she shows up again. 

  • This week, Gwen is 31 months old. 
    She's been our daughter for 16 months.
  • This week, Maddy is 30 months old. 
    She's been our daughter for 5 months.

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January 19, 2007


Family FotoFun Friday Challenge #15 
Post your pictures on your blog and leave a comment here before 1/26/07.

This week's photo challenge is "shoes!".

Shoes The inspiration for this week's FotoFun challenge comes from Mary-Mia (who called me and gave me the idea). 

We have four little feet pitter-pattering everwhere and we have to cover them in something -- so here's our shoe collection. 

They're lined up all pretty just for display purposes.  Normally, they're all tossed into a box that we dig through every morning.  The box works better since the kids can easily put their shoes away (toss 'em in the box) without having to keep matched items together in neat rows.

On Gotcha Day, our cuties came to us with squeaky shoes.  We keep those shoes put away in a special box with all of the items they wore when we met them.  Squeaky shoes are near and dear to our heart.  Here's a video we made of Gwen in China in her squeaky shoes (and a couple of months later).


UPDATE: These just arrived in the mail today. We love Robeez but the girls have outgrown the infant sizes and now we have to order the toddler sizes online. These were from Amazon.com.  My only complaint is that the hearts are facing the same direction on each shoe.  It looks like two left feet!

Since the girls are napping, I thought you'd enjoy seeing our Kitty 'model' them. :)

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January 17, 2007

Mommy needs a play-date

3_martini_1 We have more than 500 page views on this blog every single day and more than 2974 comments as of right this minute.  I consider most of my commenters to be my friends even though we don't get together in real life. 

Until recently, it's been enough to have a gazillion on-line friends but it's not enough anymore.  I'm bored and I'm lonely.  I need some adult company during the day.

My one (and only) 2007 resolution was to work harder to shift some of my on line friendships into my real life.  So, if you're in the San Jose area and want to get together for some easy/informal/casual hangin' out (during the week -- with kids), drop me an email and let's pick a time and place. Martinis optional.

PS:  Anyone read this book?  It looks interesting! 

January 13, 2007

Kat and Colin are in Vietnam!

They traveled to China to get Sophia last May and they're in Vietnam today for baby Keenan!  Here's their blog:  The Ladybug and the Dragonfly.

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