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December 12, 2006

Sponsors needed

UPDATE: Click <here> to see pictures of the children from Maddy's orphanage who are looking for sponsors.

Foster Care

Maddy was in foster care in Qinzhou from the time she was 8 months old until we adopted her at age 25 months.  That's 17 months she spent with a family instead of competing with 29 other children for the attention of a caregiver at the orphanage.  Some of the pictures from her time in foster care are shown here. 

We didn't know Maddy's foster care was sponsored through GHC until we were just about ready to travel to get her. 

Since then, GHC has given us all of her photos and reports and (with their permission), we've exchanged some email with the nice American family in Minnesota who sponsored her.  We are also now sponsoring a child from Maddy's SWI so that she can remain in Foster Care. 

There are many children who need sponsors.  The cost is only $38 to $41 per month and it's tax deductible.  You can even pay via pay pal. 

You can designate which SN child you want to sponsor or you can sponsor a healthy child.  You'll get a report every three months or so that includes photographs.   Here's Maddy's report from last February when she was 19 months old (Maddy's GHC assigned name was "Jan").  Maddy's sponsor got several more of these reports and we got all of them after we adopted her:

20060223_21_1 Orphanage’ staff Ms. Lee, Peter and I visited Jan on Feb.23rd, 2006. Jan was hiding behind foster mom’s laps when we entered the apartment. After we sat down, foster mom found Jan had wet her pants. When foster left to grab clean pants, Jan followed her closely and she knew to close the door when she changed her pants. When Peter saw she had a fruit in hand, Peter tested her if he could share. Jan gave the fruit to Peter generously.

Jan could walk freely and she started to run when we got out of the building. She knew to make pose before my camera. When we walked pass a soft volleyball playground, Jan watched people play the ball intensively at first, and then she rushed into the playground and wanted to play as well. She waved bye-bye to us when we had to leave.

Foster mom reported Jan couldn't’ tell her toilet needs yet. She calls foster mom “ma ma”. Her favourite is playing hide and seek with foster bother. Foster dad and brother often teach her pin yin. When foster mom said “let’s read”, Jan would make sounds. Jan also enjoys kicking a ball very much.

According to orphanage’s monthly report in Feb. 2006, Jan’s foster home often have relatives visit them and Jan enjoy noisy and crowds. When foster mom took her to the main square, Jan could walk the whole way and didn’t ask for held. When foster chat with a visitor, Jan would take out her book and read as if she was studying very seriously.


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