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December 15, 2006


Family FotoFun Friday Challenge #10 
Post your pictures on your blog and leave a comment here before 12/22/06.

This week's photo challenge is "Pigtails!"


These pictures were taken last March when Gwenny had just barely enough hair to put into pigtails.  She'd allow them to remain for about 3 minutes before gleefully pulling them out.   Since she was nearly bald when we got her 6 months earlier, I was happy to take what I could get and 3 minutes with pigtails were three minutes of Mommy Bliss!

It's hard to believe that the child in the next picture is the same child -- Just look at all of that hair!


I love this expression on Gwen.  She's almost two and a half and they have such "attitude" at this age!  She has very clear ideas of what's acceptable to her and what's not and she's not afraid to tell you all about it!   She doesn't speak much but still managed to find a way to make her will known.  That's my little Princess!

Gwen's not the only Little Missy with attitude in this house.  Just look at Maddy's picture, below and you'll see what I mean!


Here's Madeline with her first pigtails. 

This little girl  knows even more about 'attitude' than Gwen.  She seems to know that she's able to pull off an extra dose of it because of the cute little pigtails she's sporting. 

Really, my daughters are very sweet and not too full of "attitude" at all.  But the pigtails do seem to intensify the assertive part of their personality.  I wonder why that is? 

Maybe this FFFF challenge should be "attitude" instead of "pigtails"? 

I'll let you choose!  :)

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