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October 06, 2006

These 'boo' are made for walkin'

Boots_sm_1Gwen is obsessed with her boots lately. It's all she wants to wear -- even though her one-and-only pair are too small and give her blisters.  So, yesterday, we headed to Target for a replacement.  I have to tell you, folks, that it was FUN shopping for shoes with this girl!  In the end, she settled for this pair (image on left -- click to enlarge).  She loved them so much that she wanted to wear them all day.   Even at nap time!

She calls them her "boo".  She'll come right up close to my face and put on a very serious expression and tell me "boo!"  She's not trying to scare me, she's telling me that she wants to wear her boots. 

Gwen is a lazy speaker.  She'll use either the first or last syllable of a word to represent that word.  Sometimes, she'll double it.  Elmo becomes "MoMo".  Her bottle is a "baba", juice is "gew" and boots are "boo".    Not surprisingly, half the time, we have absolutely no idea what she's saying!

Uh Oh!  The baby monitor tells me that Gwen's awake from her nap and pretty angry that I removed her boots while she was sleeping (silly girl!).  I better hit "publish" and run! 


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