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October 22, 2006


Family FotoFun Friday Challenge #3 
Post your pictures on your blog and leave a comment here before 10/27/06.

Almost everyone who has kids has been to the pumpkin patch or will be going this week, so this FFFF challenge should be easy.  Post any picture with a pumpkin -- old or new, carved or uncarved.  Have fun!



Last weekend, we visited our local pumpkin patch.  Gwen thinks pumpkins are balls.  She ran around screaming "BALL!" and pointing in as many different directions as she could.  She has no idea that we carve bizarre faces onto these things and light them from the inside with candles or smash their insides through a sieve and add spices to make yummy pies or cookies.   For now, they're big orange things that are fun to climb on, carry, or stack into huge piles.

This year, we're keeping it simple and tidy and skipping the fancy costumes and elaborate pumpkin carving.  Next year, we know won't be able to get off so easily!

Maddy doesn't seem to know what the heck a pumpkin is either but everyone at the pumpkin patch seemed to be having fun so she was enthusiastic about these big orange fruits too.

Each morning, we visit the local mall and run around before the stores open.  Recently, we noticed that Maddy is scared to death of the Halloween decorations and merchandise.  She's a pretty brave little girl in all other circumstances but some of those things frighten her so bad that she won't walk past any of the stores that display masks or creatures.  She insists on being carried (which, of course is fine).  She'll put her hands over her face and whimper.  Poor little sweetie!   

Gwen doesn't seem to be phased by any of it but won't touch a plastic spider under any circumstances.  Where she got the notion that spiders are bad (scary), I don't know.  I'm not afraid of spiders and the few times we've seen a spider, I've introduced her to it in a friendly way and she's seemed interested.  But now, if you show her a rubber spider, she'll grit her teeth and actually shiver!  So, because of Gwen's response, Maddy is freaked out about spiders too.     We'll slowly and gently work to erase this fear since I think it's a handicap to be phobic about things you'll encounter your entire life.


Now, just in case you haven't already pegged out your "cute meter" from looking at Gwen and Maddy, here's something sure to make you smile.

If there's a pumpkin on your blog, post your URL in the comments section so we can take a peek. 

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