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14 posts from October 2006

October 11, 2006

Our Wee Family

Wee_family_frame_1We found this cute Wee Little Thing on Jeff's blog.  It's really fun but you have to register to use it (free, thankfully).  If you make a family portrait, be sure to post your link in the comments so we can take a peek!

Note:  To make the family portrait, it appears that you have to create an image of each person and 'connect' them yourself.  Be sure to save each image to your computer (right click) before creating another.  I resized the images to make the adults taller than the kids.  It would be nice if they offered you the ability to do that automatically, huh!

Okay, so here we are:  Andrew, me (yeah, I'm a hottie, huh!), Kitty, Gwen, Maddy and Michael.

October 09, 2006

Charlie's gettin' a momma and daddy soon!

ItsaboyI feel like I'm in the waiting room at the local hospital, pacing back and forth as my friend lays in the other room in hard labor about to lay her eyes and hands on her son for the very first time!

KD and FD are the hopful parents and their baby boy, Charlie, is about to enter their world in mere hours.   

UPDATE:  They have him!

For all the wonderful details, check out their blog:  http://wunschmachen.blogspot.com/

Like Gwen and Maddy, Charlie is a Monkey boy (born in the year of the Monkey).  He'll be two next month.  We have been glued to his Momma and Pappa's blog waiting to see the amazing first pictures of this family of two as it becomes a family of three!  And now they're together at last! 

October 06, 2006

These 'boo' are made for walkin'

Boots_sm_1Gwen is obsessed with her boots lately. It's all she wants to wear -- even though her one-and-only pair are too small and give her blisters.  So, yesterday, we headed to Target for a replacement.  I have to tell you, folks, that it was FUN shopping for shoes with this girl!  In the end, she settled for this pair (image on left -- click to enlarge).  She loved them so much that she wanted to wear them all day.   Even at nap time!

She calls them her "boo".  She'll come right up close to my face and put on a very serious expression and tell me "boo!"  She's not trying to scare me, she's telling me that she wants to wear her boots. 

Gwen is a lazy speaker.  She'll use either the first or last syllable of a word to represent that word.  Sometimes, she'll double it.  Elmo becomes "MoMo".  Her bottle is a "baba", juice is "gew" and boots are "boo".    Not surprisingly, half the time, we have absolutely no idea what she's saying!

Uh Oh!  The baby monitor tells me that Gwen's awake from her nap and pretty angry that I removed her boots while she was sleeping (silly girl!).  I better hit "publish" and run! 

October 03, 2006

How do I create the collages on this blog?

Many people have emailed me to ask about the program I use to create the collages on this blog.  I'm using the standard version (downloadable for a very reasonable price) of Fotofusion Version 4.

The most interesting digital scrapbook pages have many layers of backgrounds, images, frames and elements and Fotofusion is an excellent tool for working with those layers.  I've never found anything better!   Keep in mind that it doesn't really do anything other than work with layers though.  If you want to alter your photos (fix flaws, etc), you'll need a good photo editing program.  My favorite is PaintShop Pro.  I use this every single day and couldn't live without it!  I like it because it's much cheaper than Photoshop but seems to do everything I want it to do and it's much more user friendly.   

I get my digital scrapbooking backgrounds and elements from many places.  Sometimes I even make them myself but usually I find them for free by subscribing to blogs that advertise "freebies".    Here are my favorite freebie blogs:

  • Ikea Goddess (daily links to the best freebies)
  • DigiFree (daily links to ALL the freebies)
  • Kubivet (she creates wonderful things and gives them away!)
  • Artistic Musings (freebies on fridays only)
  • Shabby Princess (everything at this link is FREE.  It's the perfect place to start your collection!

Every now and then, I splurge and actually pay for something.   I love frames and my favorite frame designer is Katie Pertiet.  Here's a link to a little set of frames that I use all the time.  This set was under $4 and I use it constantly: http://www.designerdigitals.com/ecom/product_info.php/products_id/3006.  Be sure to look at all the other stuff she offers.  It's awesome!

Finally, here are some inspiration pages to get your creative juices flowing.  Sometimes, I need to see what someone else has done before I can start to see a fun possibility with some of my own photos.  I hope these inspire you as much as they do me!

Here are some of my favorite collages that I created over the last year or two:

You'll probably notice that I don't scrap in traditional 12x12 sizes.  I picked a rectangular size because I thought I might want to print the pages on my home printer.  Then I found www.blurb.com and started creating yearly family albums in their 13 x 11 size.  I love the results and I'm so happy that our family photos and the text from this blog is preserved in printed form each year.  If you're not doing this, I strongly recommend it!  It's one of the best investments of time and money that we've ever spent (other than our adotions, of course!).

Let me know if you have problems or questions.  I'm very happy to help if I can

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