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October 23, 2006

Maddy's 2 month Gotcha anniversary!

Maddy_20061015_frame Maddy has been in our family for exactly two months!  It's hard to believe and we really wish the time would have passed this fast DURING the long wait for referral or Travel Authorization (TA). 

She's completely bonded to our family now and functioning well in the California time zone.  she calls me Mama and knows her Dada and sister, Gwenny (Wenn).  We know she still remembers the life she had before we joined ours so we've been careful about showing her pictures of her foster family since we don't want her to re-live that loss over and over again..  We really want her to remember them but we want her to be part of our family enough that we're able to give her emotional support if she's sad when she sees the pictures (it makes me cry just thinking about it!).  Obviously, her foster family couldn't keep her forever so she's much better off having a "forever family" but we know they genuinely loved her and we're so grateful for the love and attention her China foster family gave her.

Madeline is our special little girl.  She's feisty and spunky but she has a warm endearing side that begs to be held tight and loved.  Without a doubt, she's her sister's best friend!  She's been with us for exactly two months and it's been an easy transition but she's had three colds and two painful ear infections (Compare to Gwen who's been with us for 13 months and has had two colds and zero ear infections).  So, we're getting advice about ear tubes.   

Happy two month anniversary, Maddy!  We love you and are so happy you're in our family!


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