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September 20, 2006

The view from the toilet

View_from_toilet_cropI'm sure those of you with kids can relate.  You have to use the restroom but your little darling(s) want to attend the event just in case something noteworthy happens.

Like me, you probably tried to close the door (shame on you!) but that act of selfishness was met with great protest (and who can use the restroom with so much angst on the other side of the locked door?)  So, now, you've learned to do your deed under the watchful eye of your offspring.   You might even tell yourself that they'll pick up some helpful potty training tips by watching you.  But you're kidding yourself.  All they've really learned is how to work the toilet paper roll and that flusher thingy.  And they're taking mental notes about that stuff you use one week per month and plan to experiment with those fun sticker things next time you're not looking.

So, you sit on the potty and tell them "Don't step off the carpet!"  "Don't come in!"   You point and say "Out!"  (Maddy tells me this when she's on the potty.  She'll point and tell me "Out!") but they challenge you. They know you're at a disadvantage so they have to step over .... just once (or twice).  And their smile is so darn cute!  So all you can do is smile and promise yourself that, next time nature calls, you'll bring the camera!

PS:  Sometimes, being a SAHM has its sacrifices.  Hee hee.... But, today, even Andrew was at work with his own problems.


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