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September 17, 2006

Our beautiful flowers


Sometimes I look at Gwen and she takes my breath away.  She's so lovely.  And what's even more amazing is that her inner beauty is every bit as present.  She's a gentle and affectionate little girl with a mischievous streak and a big passion for everything fun.  She'll often laugh so hard that she gives herself hiccups! 

Gwen's tough as rocks and can fall down hard then jump right up, wipe the blood off her knees with her hands, then keep going!  But if her feelings get even slightly hurt, she'll dissolve into a puddle of tears. 

She adores Mommy, loves her Daddy and enjoys her new sister, Maddy. 


Maddy is also very sweet and quite cute.  She loves to make Gwen laugh and will perform silly stunts over and over again just to get that response from her sister. 

It's obvious she's been well loved and never abused.  She can expertly drink from a cup and not spill a drop but isn't fearful or anxious if she does accidentally spill something.  She's gentle with Kitty but not always gentle with Gwen (something Gwen tolerates pretty well). 

When Maddy smiles, her entire face erupts to envelope that emotion.  Often, a little silly gurgle comes right before the hearty laugh.   It's hard to explain but very endearing!  I'm loving these early days with her as she and I get to know each other better.   

She and Gwen are physically beautiful in different ways.  Gwen is an exotic orchid and Maddy is more like a perfect sunny, bright tulip. 

I think all of our children are like flowers:  perfect and beautiful!  Maybe even more beautiful because we love and nurture them in our own garden -- where they undoubtedly grow extra strong because of all this fertilizer!

Sorry if that was corny.  Mama's on her 2nd glass of wine tonight and the analogies are pretty likely to only get worse if I keep typing!  Tomorrow is my first day all alone with the girls since Andrew returns to work.  I guess I should get some sleep so I can have my strength for the adventures that await me tomorrow!


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