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September 12, 2006

Momma's birthday in the park

Gwen and Maddy at the park on Mommy's birthday:


Everyone asks me if the girls are as happy together as they seem on this blog and the answer is .... mostly yes!  They're two years old and they can fight over a toy like life depends on immediate ownership but they crack each other up pretty often and they both have a great sense of humor and a happy disposition.

Maddy is hungry for life.  She gobbles up all experiences.  Today she visited our Pediatrician and just laid there and looked at him while he checked her over from head to toe (she's perfect).  Meanwhile, Gwen clung to me for dear life and looked to be constantly on the verge of crying.   

You hand Maddy a meatball, and she'll cram it in her mouth, chew twice, then swallow it down and stick out her hand for more.  Gwen will sniff the meatball and throw it back at you.   Maddy easily consumes 4 times as much food as Gwen.    This morning, Gwen weighed 25.5 pounds and Maddy weighed 22.5.   I know for a fact that she's gained weight since August 23rd when we took over her care and feeding.  But she still looks so tiny compared to Gwen.  Gwen wears a 2T or 3T.  Maddy wears 18 month size.  But she's going to catch up with her "big" sister soon! 


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