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September 22, 2006

REUNION!!!! Group 105, 106, 107P and 108P reunion tomorrow!


Tomorrow, we fly to Los Angeles for our first anniversary celebration of the adoption of Gwendolyn.  I was searching through my picture albums and found these two photos (to the left) which illustrate -- in an erie way -- the changes the last year have brought us.   

The first picture was taken on Gwen's Gotcha Day (September 5, 2005).  The 2nd picture was taken on Madeline's Gotcha Day 51 weeks later (on August 23, 2006)  The pose, the child, expression, the mom, the shirt --- all the same.   The only difference is that we were strangers to her back then and we're her beloved family now.  Quite certainly, the only family she'll ever remember.   

I can't remember *not* giving birth to this child.  I can't remember a time when she wasn't in our life-- when she wasn't my precious daughter.    She's beautiful and kind and amazing and I'm so blessed to know her! 

I can't wait to see so many of the other 38 families we traveled with last year.  It's going to be SO exciting!  Stay tuned for pictures!!!

We won't have reunions like this for Maddy since we traveled alone.  But the girls are nearly the same age and they were adopted just one week apart so my hope is that Gwen's travel group will "adopt" Maddy so we can celebrate her adoption with them too!  Tormorrow is the anniversary of our first month with Maddy!  That's worth celebrating too!


And, tomorrow is also my Grandma's 88th birthday!  Happy Birthday, Grandma!  I'm so sorry we can't be with you this weekend but we promise to see you soon!

Here's my beautiful Grandma!

The main picture is Grandma in her mid to late 20's -- around 1940.  She's so pretty!!  And she already has five kids!   

The first small picture is Grandma and me (sometime in the mid 60's).  The 2nd picture is Grandma in the 80's.  The 3rd picture is Grandma with Grandpa in the 70's and the last picture is from the mid 90's.

I hope I age as gracefully!


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