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August 22, 2006

We made it!

It's 11:30 PM (Nanning, China time) and here's our mini update:

We left SFO and arrived in Nanning after nearly 24 hours of air travel and delays and layovers.  We had low expectations of a comfy flight with a 26 month old and it was a pretty tough flight.  The hardest part was Gwen's desire to socialize with the passengers around us.  She'd stand up and reach over the seats in front of us and pat the man and woman on the head as they tried to sleep or watch a movie.  Most of the time we caught her before she did this but many times she was too fast for us.  She also loved looking at the three sleeping teenage boys behind us and screaming "Hi!" at them until they opened their eyes. We really wished we had a carseat even if we ditched it at the airport when we arrived.  I'm sure she would have been more comfortable (and slept!) if she was restrained and everyone would have appreciated that! 

We'll have double the fun on the way home!  ::::cringe::::

We got Maddy's detailed report and she's so much like Gwen it's almost freaky.  I won't go into all of the details since I'm dead tired and tomorrow is our big day so I'll need my sleep!

Gwen_nanning_bouncerToday, we visited WalMart in Nanning and it was really interesting.  On the way there, we found a GIANT inflated bouncer thingy that cost 5 yuan for unlimited play.  Gwen's eyes lit up when she saw it and the weather was pretty pleasant so we let her run around in this thing for about 40 minutes.  We took lots of pictures and even a small movie and we want to share it but the internet connection is slow here at the hotel so one picture is all we can manage right now.  We'll be visiting this bouncy thing again with Maddy! 

We get Maddy at 3:00 PM tomorrow! 


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