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August 01, 2006

Travel Authorizations (TA's)

Family_label_blog Before I talk about TA's, look at the cute address labels we got from www.amazinglabels.com.  Naturally, I cut off our name and address but you can still see how cute they are!  We didn't include Michael because he's moving out in less than a month and won't be getting his mail here.  Of course, we still love him and consider him part of the family.

Okay, on to the TA's!

TA's for mid May LID's are rolling in!  This means we could get ours any time!  I don't expect it this week but I do expect it any time after this week!   (UPDATE:  Someone with a LID after ours just announced that they got their TA so we could get ours this week!)

We still can't travel until we get Michael all settled into his dorm room (3rd week of August) but we can fly immediately after that!

Cross your fingers that we get our TA soon so we can make the travel arrangements!

If you don't know what a TA is, click the link below and you can read more about it.

Ta_gwen TA stands for "Travel Authorization".  It's the document China issues that allows us to travel to China to get our child.

Pictured on the left is an image of Gwen's TA.  Madeline's will look very similar.  They issue this after they've reviewed our dossier and verified that our child is available and ready for adoption.  It takes long with "Waiting Children" (like Madeline) than it took with regular China adoptions like Gwen's. 

Gwen's TA took about a week.

Madeline's TA will average about 80 days but could come as early as 50 days or as late as 130 days.  It depends on how long it takes to review our dossier and get the verification from Madeline's orphanage about her status.  Today is day 69 for us.  We have no reason to think we'll be "over


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