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August 09, 2006


Ta_crop_2Day 77 was our lucky day!  We just got the TA call!

We're hoping to leave the week of August 21st! (right after moving Michael into the dorm at SJSU on the 18th).

Many have asked and, yep, we're bringing Gwenny with us.  Even though we're bracing for it to be challenging, we can't imagine leaving her behind.  We hope Madeline will get some comfort from Gwen and we hope Gwen will like having a little playmate.  But, like I said, we're bracing for the worst and hoping for the best!

We're not traveling with our agency's main group.  We could have, but we need to get Michael settled into the dorm before we leave.  Moving away from home for the first time is a HUGE life event and even though Maddy is waiting, we have three children and that includes our 18 year old son.
Our agency told us that they didn't expect the next group to leave until October.  Obviously, we're not waiting that long!  So, even though we loved being with a huge group last year when we adopted Gwen, we're excited about traveling alone for Maddy's adoption and we know that we'll be in good hands since our agency will arrange to have someone from their "China Team" meet us in Nanning and Guangzhou.   

We're aiming to leave very early the week of August 21st and return about 2.5 weeks later.  We'll stay a little bit later because we want to do a teeny little pre-trip to Guilin in Guangxi province.  We need those two days to adjust to the new time zone and get Gwen settled in before we spring her little Mei Mei on her!

As we firm up our travel plans, we'll post the details here :)

UPDATE:  It kinda looks like we might be leaving on the 19th!  Everything was sold out on the other days. We're still checking and need to confirm that we can get our visas fast enough to travel in just 9 days!


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