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21 posts from August 2006

August 07, 2006

My Little Love Bug!

Lovebug_1 My Little Love Bug
by Heidi R. Weimer

You're my little love bug, My cuddly kangaroo, My funny bunny, Sweet as honey, All of this is true!  You're my punkin wunkin, my peaches and my pie, My bread-and-butter, Peanut butter, Apple of my eye!  You're my wiggly worm, My busy little bee, My silly goose, My moosey-moose, My monkey up a tree!  You're my ice cream sandwich, My watermelon gum, My soda pop, My lollipop, My Yummy yummy yum!  You're my lovey dovey, My stinker winker bear, My silly willy, Piccadilly, Alligator stare!  You're my bowl of cherries, my toast with berry jam, My snickerdoodle, Chicken noodle, What a little ham!  You're my tootsie wootsie, My squishy wishy cheeks, My tickle toes, Button nose, Giggles, Squeals, and Squeaks!  You're everything that's wonderful, You're everything above!  But most of all, What you are, Is God's sweetest gift of love!!

(One of Gwen's favorite bedtime books.  Mommy loves it too!)

August 06, 2006

Another first for the baby book

BeatersWe missed her first birthday, first step and first tooth but here's an important "first" we got to see:  Licking the cake batter off the beaters!

Obviously one of life's greatest pleasures!

August 05, 2006

Tiny little Madeline

4_lb_baby_sm Our agency overlooked sending us a very early report about Madeline (who resides in Qinzhou, Guangxi Province, waiting for us to travel to bring her home).

The report said that she's a healthy a happy little girl who is on track in all areas but when I converted her birth weight and height to something I could understand, I was shocked that she was such a tiny little baby.

She weighed 4.19 pounds and was 16.9 inches long when she was born.  She was born at 5:10 am on the day she was left at a local middle school (there was a note with her).  It was a warm summer day but she was obviously a premature baby since she was so tiny. 

How hard it must have been to leave such a fragile child all alone.   My heart breaks for her birth family but I'm so grateful for their choice since it ensured she'd be found quickly and cared for. 

(This picture posted here isn't of Madeline.  I just wanted to remember what a tiny baby looks like)

August 04, 2006

San Francisco Bay Area, anyone?

Sf_bay_area_map1 If you're in the SF Bay Area, and want to be included in our little get-togethers, please email me.  We're meeting on Saturday Aug 26th at a park in San Jose.  So far about 35 people (many you probably know from Bloggerville!) are attending but the number will probably grow to closer to 50 (half of which are our cute little kidlets!).  You don't need to have your referral to attend.  But you do need to be adopting from China (past or present).

Email me and I'll send you the evite.

August 03, 2006

Homestudy addendum

New_house Our Social Worker from ACCEPT came by to do our home-study addendum and put her stamp of approval on our new house.  She also managed to work in the 12 month post-placement visit for Gwen who beamed big goofy smiles at her as if her ability to continue to live with us depended on it!

In the end, we passed with flying colors.  Of course, we realize this isn't exactly *hard* to do.  Still it's nice to check these two things off of the list.

We're enjoying our new house.  Click on the image to view a larger version.  The two pictures in the lower left corner are our "bonus room".  This addition is what really pushed us off the fence when we were deciding whether to buy this house or wait a few years until we could actually afford it!  The two pictures are the two halves of our bonus room and it's the room we actually live in.  Our childproof office is set up on the right and the play area, comfy sofa, and TV are on the left.  All together in a big, bright, sunny room!  When the girls are older, we'll move our office to the place in the house that is actually designed to be an office and we'll turn over this entire space to them.  It's a little something for ALL of us to look forward to!

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