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August 03, 2006

Homestudy addendum

New_house Our Social Worker from ACCEPT came by to do our home-study addendum and put her stamp of approval on our new house.  She also managed to work in the 12 month post-placement visit for Gwen who beamed big goofy smiles at her as if her ability to continue to live with us depended on it!

In the end, we passed with flying colors.  Of course, we realize this isn't exactly *hard* to do.  Still it's nice to check these two things off of the list.

We're enjoying our new house.  Click on the image to view a larger version.  The two pictures in the lower left corner are our "bonus room".  This addition is what really pushed us off the fence when we were deciding whether to buy this house or wait a few years until we could actually afford it!  The two pictures are the two halves of our bonus room and it's the room we actually live in.  Our childproof office is set up on the right and the play area, comfy sofa, and TV are on the left.  All together in a big, bright, sunny room!  When the girls are older, we'll move our office to the place in the house that is actually designed to be an office and we'll turn over this entire space to them.  It's a little something for ALL of us to look forward to!


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