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July 11, 2006

How to keep a toddler out of her closet


Gwen knows we keep the really good stuff in her closet and she soooooo wants to throw open the door and run her little chubby fingers over all of it!

There are socks to un-sort and pants to unfold!  There's baby powder to shake and lotion to squirt and laundry to scatter!  There's so much forbidden fun waiting behind those sliding closet doors!

But we spoiled her fun with this simple little invention:  This is a suction hook and a screw and a tassel. 

Parents must stick together so I'm sharing my invention with you! :)

July 07, 2006

Congratulations Mr and Mrs D!!

ItsaboyLook what the stork just delivered!  This precious little guy doesn't even know how lucky he is.  He's getting such an amazing mom and dad!  And Gwen and Maddy get another Monkey kid as a playmate!  And they live so close! I'm THRILLED!! 

Go check out their blog:  http://wunschmachen.blogspot.com/

I reserved this spot for the really amazing news from K&F after I head from K yesterday. I sat on my hands for as long as I could.  Finally K said I could blab!  So here it is!!!

4th of July

Closeup4july_1 Someone played so hard in the sprinklers that she wore herself out and fell fast asleep at 8:30 and missed all the firework fun.

Oh well....there's always next year (in Funshine's front yard!)

(This is my first typepad post and I can't figure out how to change the date of this post.  I know it's going to say July 7th but I want it to say July 4th.  Anyone know how to do that?)

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