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June 08, 2006

Someone dropped some pie?

Before you look at the picture below, there are a few things you should know.
  1. My floor is very clean.
  2. I don't make my child eat off of the floor. She did this of her own free will.
  3. She hasn't eaten anything I've offered her for the last two days. (Obviously, she was holding out for pie crumbs!)
  4. It's all my teenage son's fault. He left the empty "birthday pie" container on the counter where she could reach it and pull it to the floor. Anyone care to guess who got to clean up the mess?


She thoroughly enjoyed this.

I confess, I caught her right in the act of licking graham cracker crumbs off the hardwood floor and instead of stopping her, I ran for the camera. Please don't tell my social worker.

I must admit, after watching her spit out every bit of food I've offered for the last 48 hours, it was kinda nice to see her lapping this stuff up!

Gwen's only gained 1/2 pound in the last six months! She's healthy and strong but some days I feel like all I do is try to coerce her into eating. She spits it all out after only one bite. I throw away so much food! But even more tragic is the fact that I tend to eat most of what she rejects so I don't have to throw it away :::whimper:::


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