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April 11, 2006

21st century baby surveillance

Before we traveled to China and brought Gwen home, we spent a great deal of time baby-proofing our home. We attached the floor lamps to the wall. We tied the doors to the fireplace closed. We moved all of our stereo equipment up out of her reach. And we put soft foam bumpers around everything else in the room!

Then we stood back and watched her defeat every bit of it! She carries toys in from another room and uses them to stand on so she can reach forbidden DVD player buttons. She climbs from the recliner to the piano! She assaults the plants (even the fake ones) and climbs the cat tree. She removes the register from the floor vent and tries to encourage the cat to crawl into the exposed black hole by throwing snacks into it. She's nearly climbed over the kitchen gate! It's just a matter of days before she finally manages that and then we'll have to put those horrible latches on the kitchen drawers and cupboards. I'm really dreading that!

So, we've purchased some high tech surveillance assistance. This gadget is so cool! I can see everything she's doing from any room in the house. I no longer have to wonder if she's using my 2 minute potty break to plan her next great escape. I can actually watch her do it and holler in vain as she ignores the frantic admonition from behind the closed bathroom door. Of course, when I actually confront her, she looks all innocent like she wasn't doing anything wrong. She probably wonders how I knew.

I used to think my mom had eyes in the back of her head. I've got something much better though!

Just think.... our parents didn't even have remote controls for the TV and we have this cool stuff!


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